Hello! My name is Jasmina and I am the owner of the webshop Penpal Junkie ( www.pp-junkie.com ). I love everything thats cute, especially cupcakes!


Have you heard about postcrossing? One of the things I am addicted to?? I
love to get real mail, and not only bills. With postcrossing i see a part
of the world. I love it…The goal of this project is to allow people to
receive postcards from all over the world, for free. Well, almost free! The
main idea is that: if you send a postcard, you will receive at least one
back from a random Postcrosser from somewhere in the world.

The element of surprise of receiving postcards from different places in the
world (many of which you probably have never heard of) can turn your
mailbox into a box of surprises - and who wouldn't like that?

How does it work?
First, the short version:
1. request an address from the website
2. mail the postcard to the address
3. wait to receive a postcard
4. register the received postcard in the system

The first step is to request to send a postcard. The website will display
(and send you an e-mail) with the address of another member and a Postcard
ID (e.g.: US-786). You then mail a postcard to that member.
The member receives the postcard and registers it using the Postcard ID
that is on the postcard. At this point, you are eligible to receive a
postcard from another user. You are now in line for the next person that
requests to send a postcard. Where the postcard comes from is a surprise!

You can have up to 5 postcards traveling at any single time. Every time one
of the postcards you send is registered, you can request another address.
The number of postcards allowed to travel at any single time goes up the
more postcards you send!

So go to http://www.postcrossing.com/, make a account and start sending and
receiving postcards from all over the world. Its so much fun!

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