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Hello Kitty Kawaii Paradise

Loving Hello Kitty? Going to Tokyo, Japan? Don’t miss out one of the Hello Kitty theme parks. The biggest one is Sanrio Puroland. You can watch the fairytale theatre, go to the time machine of dreams, or how about exploring Hello Kitty’s house. When your in for some sweets, you can visit one of the many shops. A ticket for an adult costs 3,000 yen (27 euro). And the best thing is, you don’t have to wait ‘till it’s summer cause it’s an indoor theme park.

Preferring an outdoor park? Then Harmonyland is your thing. The park includes twelve attractions, and several restaurants and shows. Kitty castle, Lovely angel coaster, Pop’n smile,… sounds nice hu? Shopping is also one of the pleasures found in Harmonyland. Sweets, stuffed animals, cute gadgets, anything a girl would like to see in a theme park. A tickets 2,800 yen (26 euro).

For the little ones there’s Hello Kitty Kawaii Paradise. An indoor theme park that doesn’t include rollercoaster’s,  but child friendly attractions.

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