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Tutorial winter make up

During wintertime, we could really use a bit of colour to brighten things up. Step by step, i'm showing you how to put the summer on your eyelids.

1. We start off with a base to intesify the colour and to make the eyeshadow last longer. I'm just using a cheap pink lippencil. It doesn't matter if it's messy, since we're about to use eyeshadow over it.
2. A light colour in the innercorner brightens up your eyes and makes them look bigger.
3. Use a pink colour on your whole eyelid, from your lashes up to your crease. Your crease is the area under your browbone. Use a darker colour into your crease and in the outercorner. Here I used a darkpink/red colour. This will create depth to your eyes.
4. Blend the colours into eachother and make sure there are no harsh lines anymore. You can add a bit of pink again on your eyelid if you think it's too dark. Use the dark colour to line your lower lashline but don't use too many and blend very well with a clean (!) blending brush or q-tip.

5. Finish it with two thin layers of mascara...
6. and a bit of black eyeliner. This last step is optional and I don't recomend it when you have small eyes, cause it makes them look even smaller. Don't forget to swipe away the eyeshadow that has fallen on your cheeks with a fanbrush, or remove it with a cleanser/makeupremover if you haven't put on your foundation and concealer yet.

7. To make the look more smokey/sexy/partyproof/... you can use purple into the crease.

Love and enjoy your holidays!

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Beautiful winter look! :)

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