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Hello everyone! My name is Ashley and Jasmina asked me to be a guest blogger. Every now and then I will do some blog entries here about various things, but all of it is related to cute stuff, of course! (ω) This time, I’ll tell you something about a street style that is very popular in Japan, called ‘decora’

Perhaps you’ve heard of this style before. It’s also known as ‘harajuku style’, because the style has developed itself here.


Most decora girls (and sometimes boys as well) wear their hair straight down or in two pigtails and put lots of hairclips, hair elastics, headbands, little crowns and other accessories in their hair, most likely in their bangs. Those hair accessories are usually very bright colored, except for when they are in dark decora style. Their accessories contain dark colors then, obviously.
Not only their hair has many accessories, also their arms have many bracelets and wristbands, their hands are full of rings and cute nail stickers and small plushies and plastic toys or other cute things are hanging around their neck.
Furthermore, they wear socks which are most of the time over knee length. Usually these are striped socks (popular combinations are purple/black, white/black or pink/black), but also socks with cute patterns such as polka dots or strawberries may be worn. Some decora girls wear different kind of socks at one time in order to create layers.

This is another important thing when you want to dress in decora style. Their clothing (and accessories, too) exist of many layers. You can think about layered skirts like petticoats/tutus, a frilled skirt with lots of lace attached to it, a tank top combined with a cute hoodie that is decorated with pins and patches all over… Just as long as it is brightly colored, it’s fine! However, you must make sure that the colors match, as this is very important. It’s okay to go extremely wild with lots of layers in your outfit and adding lots of accessories to it, but make sure that all the colors go well with each other. Therefore, I’d recommend you to start off with one or two basic colors. A good color for this would be pink or red or if you prefer the dark decora style, you could go for black or another dark color like dark purple, for instance. These colors will be your basics, so you have to make sure that all the other things you wear go well with these two.

As for the make-up, try to keep it simple. There’s no need to apply tons of foundation and eye shadow, because the decora girls want to look like younger people, so we must keep it easy and a little childish. The best would be a lipgloss with a natural color and a little bit of shine, a very small line of black eye-liner above your upper eyelid, a line of white eye-liner on your eye and just a little bit of black mascara. You could additionally put a few small stickers around the outer corner eye if you desire, but make sure they’re cute and again, go well with the rest of your outfit.
Good luck with trying out some decora outfits! (*


I can’t give you a good site where to buy your decora related clothing or accessories, but anything of Sanrio or San-x would be good, just as cute skirts with layers and lace or polka dotted prints in combination with a cute shirt which has a print of a Sanrio character on it, for example. For some accessories you can take a look at Penpal Junkie, since they sell some very cute pins that would look great if you pin them on a cute hoodie! You could also take a look at flea markets, who sometimes sell amazingly cute things for reasonable prices. Basically decora is just a case of trying on various outfits and mixing and matching things

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