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This time I’d like to show you some cute pictures of Rilakkuma. I guess you all know this cute bear. Literally translated his name means ‘relax bear’, because he likes to relax! Rilakkuma was founded by San-X, the Japanese version of the brand Sanrio. He also has got two very close friends. One of them is Korilakkuma, who looks similar to Rilakkuma, except for the fact that she’s smaller and has got a white/very light brownish colour. You can always recognise her by the red button on her chest. The other one’s called Kiiroitori, a yellow chicken. His personality is the complete opposite of Rilakkuma’s. Because unlike him, Kirroitori loves to clean the house and he’s being busy all day long, meanwhile Rilakkuma prefers to lay down and do nothing.

Now that I’ve told you a little bit about Rilakkuma and his two friends, you probably have come to like him, or in a few cases you may dislike him. Either of these is okay, but for the ones who do adore Rilakkuma, like me, I’ll show you some pictures of very cute Rilakkuma things which would look great in your own household (or pencil case, closet and many other things)!

A kigurumi of Rilakkuma, how cute! I’d love to wear this in my house on a day off and doing nothing but relax, just like this cute little bear

In Japan, they even have purikura booths in Rilakkuma theme. Take some pictures with your friends and customize them with Rilakkuma pictures. Or, become Rilakkuma yourself!

At some metro stations like Osaka and Tokyo, they even have a store that’s completely dedicated to Rilakkuma merch! Wouldn’t you love to go there and buy some cute note pads or plushies?

And… this bear even has his own themed room in the Royal Park Hotel in Tokyo.

Of course, when you’ll eat breakfast in the morning in this hotel they make sure your pancake is decorated with Rilakkuma’s face. I’d say it’s almost too cute to eat, isn’t it?

Something that I thought was pretty funny, was this vase. It’s filled with some kind of little stones and all together they look like Rilakkuma. Amazing! I wonder how much time they spent on doing this, it looks like a pretty tough job…

There are so many more cute things of Rilakkuma, but I think it’s best to search them for yourself as I don’t want to make this entry extremely long and boring. If you want some Rilakkuma stuff for yourself, you could take a look at the web shop of Penpal Junkie, who sell some Rilakkuma things. Next time I’ll introduce you to another very cute San-x character, called Pom Pom Purin!

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I'd love to go to Tokyo too someday and buy more Rilakkuma products. As a collector of Rilakkuma rainbow, I want to add more from those that I bought online at Private Import Japan

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