Hello! My name is Jasmina and I am the owner of the webshop Penpal Junkie ( www.pp-junkie.com ). I love everything thats cute, especially cupcakes!

*Closed*Contest: design a giftvoucher

Because I got a lot of reactions on my tweet: who wants to make a gift cheque, I decided to start a contest.
Because some of my customers asked for a gift voucher on the website, I want to ask you all to make the perfect gift voucher.
What you can win:
·         The gift voucher will be available on the website
·         The winner will get a goodie bag with cute stuff
So start designing and sent your design to info@pp-junkie.com

The gift voucher need to be sweet, cute and you need to see items I Sell at www.pp-junkie.com. It also need to be in a high resolution, so it will be perfect when I print it.
I will choose the gift voucher that I think it’s the most beautiful and that’s perfect for Penpal Junkie.
I will close this completion on Monday (8-11-2010)

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