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Crazy Shopping

Well I got tickets from vakantieveilingen.nl for the musical Crazy shopping.
The script of this musical should be like sex and the city.  A group of women who are so addicted to shopping. All the woman wants to have a limited edition of the Kinsa Tanaka bag. But that’s the only thing I can tell about it.
There was no story in the musical, and I really don’t know what to think of it. The women couldn’t act or sing and they were screaming all the time. I got a terrible headache.
I don’t know what to write about this musical, cause I don’t know what the story was :S  But the songs were great.
There were 2 people who could sing very good: Tony Neef and Casey Fransico. I loved them voices…but unfortunately they were the only peeps who could sing.
The musical was full of well-meaning jokes, that does not always lead to laughter in the hall.
At the end we got a goodie bag, with a lot of paper, a glossy, lipggloss, handcream, cheque of sabon etc

The musical was in the New Luxor theater. A really beautiful theater. And after all we got a great night out.

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