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Hello Kitty Christmastree

As you can read a few blogs ago, Sinterklaas is gone (the Dutch Santa Claus) and that means that Christmas is coming!
All shops are filled with X-mas deco and you can see little shiny lights everywhere. Also the malls are filled with x-mascookies, luxurious food and more. When I was young we had at home a real Christmas tree. I loved it. Decorate it with my little brother was big fun. And every day I came from school I could smell the tree, Very nostalgic now (-: . Nowadays almost everyone has a fake tree. I understand, it's a lot easier.
But it's less romantic. Except for this tree:

It's brilliant (-: . I don't think it fits in my house, but love to see it.
And no-one will complain  about that it's fake.
He stands out so much, that nobody will think about that.

So I wish you all a kawaii and blessed Christmas!

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Tamara M. zei

Beuatiful tree;) I prefer a real one, we just set it up today. Like the smell of it:)


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