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Chicki Bambi Necklace

A lot of movies have a tissue-moment. The first movie I had a tissue-moment in was Bambi. (-:

Together with my little brother (who is now a big, macho guy).
We cried our eyes out when the mother get killed.
But because of that Bambi will always have a special place in my heart.
He is SO cute! He is funny on the ice, sweet with the rabbit and so on.
So now I found the perfect gift for yourself to begin 2011 with:

Isn't he cute-cuter-cutest?
And it's very cheap, so nothing have to stop you.
And NO, it isn't childish! It's forceful, really. (-:
Love it. You can find the necklace here

What was your first movie with a tissue-moment?

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Cuteeee! I want that necklace <3

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