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What to do with the mushroom notepad

Mushroom notepad

Just recently I bought this amazing cute notepad. First I wasn’t planning on buying one, but when I saw this one full of mushrooms, I just HAD to buy it. Because mushrooms are one of my favourite things.

When I received it I found out that there are 4 different kinds of pages. But they’re not your usual memopages. With one you can make 2 good luck charms, if you paste a thread between them you can hang them on your phone of something.
With another one, you have to cut out some construction, which can be folded into a little envelope in which you can insert your personal message to the person you want to wish good luck.
The third version are 4 memopages on one page. Perfect for writing someone a little message.
And the fourth is a layout of something that resembles a matchbox.
And that is the one I made.

As you can see, at the top of the page is a space on which you can write some kind of message. I can’t read Japanese, or whatever language it is, but I assumed that that message had to go inside of the box.
So I started cutting, desperately trying not to go over the lines. And before I knew it I already had one part all glued together. Seems it wasn’t that difficult at all.

And after a little more cutting and pasting, the entire box was done.
Extremely cute, and perfect for wishing someone good luck!
As an extra I decided to cut out the little clovers that were printed on the rest of the page, and added them inside of the note, as a little surprise for the person who will open it.
The box is about 4 x 2.5 cm, the perfect cute size.

 This adorable mushroom memopad is for sale here at Penpal Junkie.

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