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The cute epidemic 4

The cute epidemic 4.
I thought it was to time to get a new friend for Cookie. I have to work 5 days every week and I play a lot with Cookie before and after my work but I thought that he would be alone when I am at work. And luckily for me (and Cookie) someone asked on twitter a good home for a red kitten! (Yes red again, I just looooove ginger kittehs. I can’t resist them!)
So, last Saturday was THE day that the new kitten came.
Meet Cheeto:

Cookie was not pleased at all that there was someone new in his house! What was I thinking?! He act al jealous when Cheeto wants to lay on the bed, or wanted to eat. Cookie was not acting cute at all! When Cheeto got to the cat toilet, Cookie was sitting in front of it. That scared Cheeto to come out of it. It tooks ten minutes before Cookie left the cat toilet haha.

I hope they become friends soon.. they are now fighting and keep me out of my sleep!

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