Hello! My name is Jasmina and I am the owner of the webshop Penpal Junkie ( www.pp-junkie.com ). I love everything thats cute, especially cupcakes!

My 2nd order

I came home from work and my boyfriend was like "Hey, there's a package for you, and it has all this little matrojska's on it." I was so happy cause I knew immediately it was my Penpal Junkie order. The packaging was so adorable! But the inside was even better.

Hello Kitty writing pad, I really needed an a4 pad! - Japanese writing paper with matching enveloppes and stickers, love the stickers! - a memo pad with a dolphin on the front  - a HK pen, matches with my writing pad - a cupcakecup, I dare you to say this 10 times - and an 'Alice in Wonderland' pencil, which is my favourite Disney movie

The soap is highly recomended by me, this one is called chocolate drizzles and it smells delicious, the upper part is soft and smooth while the other part is more soap-a-like. Penpal Junkie soap is definitely my favourite PPJ product. - i was really fascinated about te paper soap, it's so handy to take with you in your purse - on mocha flavoured and one milkchocolate flavoured lipgloss, they smell so great and oh my god they look so cute! - a cherry flavoured lipbalm, idem dito! - and a cupcake lipbalm with a really funny packaging.

A cute HK mini-wallet to put my change in - stickers made from wood - and a thank you bag with some sweets and a little soap.

It really made my day!


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