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Pink Lips are Hot

Matte, glossy or glittery, pink lips are hot!

Use a lipliner to redefine the shape of your lips, you can make them look a bit bigger if you want. Draw in the rest of your lips, this wil make a good base. You can use a lipliner which has the same color as your lipstick/gloss, but you could also use another pink color or a nude one. The best way to apply lipstick is to put the lipstick into the center of your lips, then you bring the lipstick to the borders with a special lipbrush to keep it neat. You can make the outlining even sharper by applying foundation around your lips. "Kiss" a napkin to seal the lipstick. Put on a second layer on the center of your lips, make sure you don't mess up the outlining! You could add translucent powder on it to make them look realy matte. Excellent for a day at the office. Or match your lipstick with a black eyeliner to look like a hot pin-up.

If you think matte is too boring, put on a great amount of (pink) lipgloss. Keeping your eyes simple will make your lips pop out. Great for summer!

Experiment with different shades of pink and different textures. In this picture I added some chunky glitters to give it a bit more drama.

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