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Getting in shape

Shaping your eyebrows 

Shaping your eyebrows is a very important thing to make your face look "finished'. You don't have to go to a specialist for it, you can just do it at home. The first step is buying a good tweezer. 'Tweezerman' is very known for its qualities. It's important for a tweezer to be sharp.

Every eyebrow is different, you have to work with the eyebrows you got, keep that in mind. The second thing you want to do is lining your eyebrows in the shape you want them to be. I use a regular black eyepencil. Try to make sure your eyebrow fits the lining, but if you do have small gaps, you can fill them in later with an eyebrowpencil. Don't make your eyebrows too thin, it's not pretty! 

Now start removing all those hairs outside your lining, don't forget the hair on your nosebridge. If you're done you can remove the eyepencil to see the result. Fill in gaps with a pencil that suits your eyebrow color and say hello to your new pretty pair of brows! 

Here's a before-and-after picture to show you what a difference it makes. 

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