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Blue Eyed Girl

Blue Eyed Girl

One of the most hottest colours this spring/summer is probably blue. Blue jeans, blue flower printed skirts, and of course... blue make-up! When I think blue eye shadow, I think 80's, Madonna,... . However, the bleu eye shadow we'll wear this season will be more sophisticated and classy, I like! 

If you have blue eyes, make sure your eyemake-up is another shade of blue.
Light skin and blonde hair: Blue with shades of green or purple
Light skin and brown hair: Blue with shades of purple
Light skin and red hair: Blue, with shades of silver
Dark skin: Lucky you! You can have any kind of blue! 

Like always, the most important thing is to experiment. My favourite kind of blue eyemake-up is electric blue winged eyeliner, love it! 
Will you go with the (blue) flow?

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I love the colour blue! ;D

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