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Make your own Happy Star iPod Cozy

Every ipod needs a buddy! So start making one...

If you are making this without the aid of an iPod the 3g measurements are as follows-
Height: 2.75"
Width: 2.06"
Depth: 0.26"

Screen- 1.25" H x 1.75" W
Wheel - 1.10 x 1.10 (I noticed that if I placed a quarter flat and traced around it with the pencil straight up and down it was the right size if that makes it easier :) )

Creating Your Pattern:
Print out the star shape and using you iPod/Mp3 player make sure that it is the right size. Be sure you have a minimum of 1/4 inch to a max of 1/2 inch clearance at the bottom and top 2 corners of your iPod.

Use your 50 cent piece to round off the corners and cut out the shape.


Trace your iPod/Mp3 face down on a piece of paper.

Using your ruler, extend the top by 1 inch and sides by 1/4 inch. This will be your back flap. Cut out shape.

Place your iPod/Mp3 Player in the center of the paper star and mark the bottom edge. Lay your back flap on top of the paper star carefully lining up the bottom of the back flapapproximately half way between the mark you made and the bottom of the star.
Tape in place with the painters tape and flip over. Use the edges of your star shape as a guide and trace along the corners of the rectangle sticking out. Cut off those corners.
Yay! Now you have a pattern :)

Putting it all together:
Using the pattern that you just made, cut out :
4 Yellow felt stars
3 Quilt batting stars
2 Yellow felt back flaps
1 Quilt batting back flap

Center your iPod/Mp3 on one of the yellow felt stars and tape down with the painters tape.

Flip over and trace the screen and touch wheel with a pencil. Cut out openings. Repeat this on one more yellow felt star and one quilt batting star.

Take the 3 star pieces that you just cut the openings in and stack together with the quilt batting star in the middle. Using 3 strands Of DMC yellow #972, Whip stitch around the window openings.

Using your iPod/Mp3 as a size reference, cut a rectangle out of your yellow felt that is the same height but 1/4 inch wider on each side.

Pick which side of your star has prettier stitching and mark that as your top with painters tape. Flip over and and place the rectangle you just cut out over you window openings. Line up the top of the rectangle with the top of the screen opening.and tape in place.

Stitch down each horizontal side only going through 1 piece of felt and leaving about 1/8 of an inch between the stitching and the window openings. Slide your iPod/Mp3 in to check fit and set piece aside.

Take your 2 yellow felt back flaps and starting with either left or right side stitch up, across the top, and down the other side leaving the bottom open. Leaving your needle and thread attached insert your quilt batting back flap.

Take you star piece with the window openings and center the back flap over the windows top side facing the back flap. Be sure to leave enough space between the edge of the star and the flap for your final edge stitching. Stitch together only going through the top layer of felt.

Center one half of a snap over top of window and sew into place. Repeat with other half of snap on back flap.
You have finished the back half of your star! Set it aside and lets get the front done :)

Cut 2 small circles from pink felt.

Take one of your remaining yellow felt stars and place your eyes and cheeks where you would like them to be and mark your places. Use a small amount of glue to tack down your cheeks.

Using 6 strands of DMC Pink # 603 such your cheeks into place.

Now sew on the eyes and mark the outline for your mouth with a pencil.

Stitch your mouth using 6 strand DMC Black # 310.
Stack your pieces in this order:
Back piece with flap side down
Plain yellow felt star
2 remaining quilt batting stars
Face star with face side up

Pin together ad starting right above the outside edge of the inside pocket stitch all of the way around to the bottom half way point of your star.

Insert you iPod/Mp3 and check where your earbud cord placement.After checking placement, continue stitching around the star point stitching together the top side only.

Continue around to the other outside edge of the inside pouch. Leaving thread and needle attached sew in snap. Continue sewing the edge the rest of the way around but make sure that it is only the face side leaving an opening for you to insert your iPod/Mp3 into the case.

Finish by going back and sewing remaining edges at the top....

.....and earbud openings.
Now after all of that work insert your IPod and enjoy!!!!!


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