Hello! My name is Jasmina and I am the owner of the webshop Penpal Junkie ( www.pp-junkie.com ). I love everything thats cute, especially cupcakes!

Cupcake bathmat

I luvvv cupcakes…I love them very much…and when I saw this bathmat, I was totally In Love.

My bathroom is next to my bedroom, actually its almost in my bathroom. They have told me that when these houses were build.. there were no bathrooms…say what? I live in a really old house…and I am very happy that there is a bathroom now…LOL…but I am not really happy that’s you need to walk through my bedroom, to go to the bathroom… I love to invite guests at my place...but you don’t have much privacy if everyone walks through your bedroom….but ach...shit happens :P haha LOL

I bought this really cute bathmat…and it’s in front of the bathroom door, in my bedroom J The mat is really girly girly and I Love it J

The price for this badmat is 14,95 and you can buy it in the H&M…but not every H&M have them…only the big shops J

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