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Essence Fairytale

This winter we can bright up our face with one of the best budget brands, Essence. They bring us a makeup collection based on fairytales so we can make our own happy end this year. In stores from December, so there’s no excuse not to look fairylicious this New Year’s eve. The packaging looks very cute with flowers, butterflies and elves.

The collection contains four mono eye shadows in the colors purple, berry and apricot.01 Tinka’s Dress, 02 Welcome to Wonderland, 03 Humpty Dumpty, 04 Fairy Berry. I really like the names of the products. It’s so much fun when a product has a name instead of a number. The second product is a regular black eye pencil called ‘Enchanted Forest’. Then there are three glitter eyeliners in the colors lilac, apricot and silver. They share the same names as the eye shadows.
My favorite, the eyelashes, are so cute because they got two little stars in the outer corners.We can choose out of three different glossy colors for our lips, pink, purple or red called 01 Fairy Berry, 02 Once upon a Time, 03 Pixie Dust. Nail art lovers; be warned, because the collection contains six new nail polishes. Red, two purple ones, two pink ones and one berry. The collection wouldn’t be complete without a shimmer powder. Add a bit of it on your cheeks and you’re ready to shine!

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