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Mary Poppins

After the great success of Tarzan and The Lion King, Joop van den Ende Theatre Productions presents the Broadway hit musical Mary Poppins .
Mary Poppins is disarming but also comic nanny of the Banks family who has remarkable talent.Mary Poppins appears and disappears in an inimitable way with her flying umbrella and a magical bag full of spectacular surprises. With her exuberant joy leaves the Banks family and the spectators see that the happiness you share with each other in the most ordinary things found. In this great Broadway hit musical with a touch of nostalgia, the latest theatrical techniques and more than 150 employees before and behind the scenes Mary Poppins shines as never before, which she creates a heartwarming, magical and contemporary musical.

I never went to a musical…and this was the first...I really loved it. ...The role of Mary popins was perfect...and I loved the kids who played Jane and Michael Banks..they were so good....and wow Bert was such a cutie :P

In the break I've bought some chocolates....they were a little bit expensive...but so delicious....jummie

I really love the musical.. I think its a musical for all ages.It took me more than expected and i think that it comes from combining cast, lighting and decor.

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