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Sinterklaas #2

Annemieke wrote about it earlier: we are celebrating Sinterklaas today...

Sinterklaas is a traditional Winter holiday figure in the Netherlands, Belgium, Aruba, Suriname and Netherlands Antilles; he is celebrated annually on Saint Nicholas' eve (5 December) or, in Belgium, on the morning of 6 December. The feast celebrates the name day of Saint Nicholas, patron saint of Amsterdam, children and sailors. He is the basis of the mythical holiday figure of Santa Claus in the United States.

Sinterklaas is his usual name. The more formal name is Sint Nicolaas or Sint Nikolaas. He Traditionally, in the weeks between his arrival and 5 December, before going to bed, children put their shoes next to the fireplace chimney of the coal-fired stove or fireplace. In modern times, they may put them next to the central heating unit. They leave the shoe with a carrot or some hay in it and a bowl of water nearby "for Sinterklaas' horse", and the children sing a Sinterklaas song. The next day they will find some candy or a small present in their shoes.

Even I am not a little child anymore.. and I didn’t put my shoe next to the fireplace, I got a lot of cute presents. Black boots, leather hand cloves a cute blue pajama, and eau the parfum and shower gel: Heat from beyonce.

The perfume and shower gel smells really good, and I think that Sinterklaas thinks I was very sweet this year...that’s why he gave me so much great presents :P

Tonight I will go to the musical: Marry poppins...and I have heard that Sinterklaas will be there 2...jeej

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